Surrey Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Open 2014

surrey bjj open 03

Last Sunday (6th) our team went for a battle in Guildford at 1st edition of Surrey BJJ Open. Once again, those who went represented very well. Result: more shining medals to bring back home! Highlight of the day was Elias Nedir and James Davies for winning their categories with awesome display of their game. Good performance also from Darren Bushby: one more medal for his collection. He continues to lead our ‘Medal Chasers’, by a fair margin against the second place. Check out the video and a few pictures of Surrey BJJ Open below. Thanks Andy Roberts and his team for having us, we will definitely be back next year. Oss!

surrey bjj open 01

surrey bjj open 02

surrey bjj open 04





Another (great) day at the office

bournemouth bjj 06

The formula has continue to work! Once again our squad went for battle in Bournemouth (one of the top competitions in Britain) and came back home with hands full of medals AND trophies. As for the team standings we finished in 2nd place just behind Checkmat.

Our day started with white-belts showing great understanding about the rules and primary following our strategy, which has been set during our competition classes. The hard work paid off, the name of the day was Antonio Costa who once again performed very well, however at this time done it with perfection: won his 5 bouts without given a single point away. Final result: Gold at lightweight division white belt, which was by far the largest category in the tournament with 23 people in. After this amazing performance Antonio had even more to celebrate, at the podium as well as his gold medal Antonio got promoted to Blue Belt by Coach Ivam Maciel. Hard work pays off, congrats Antonio!

As for Blue and Purple belts awesome performances from Higo Gomes (Gold at Blue Masters -70kg), Brett Farnworth (Gold at +100kg & Absolute Blue), Dave Rintoul (Gold at Blue Masters -88kg), Simon Staples (Gold at Blue Seniors -76kg), Darren ‘Drill #3’ Bushby (Gold at Purple Adult -88kg) and Paul Honnart (Gold at Purple Adult -64kg). Finally, BJJ Academy would like to thanks and congratulate every member of the team, win or lose we are all one, you gave everything on the mat and we are equally proud of you by putting yourself on the line by competing and representing. It’s an honour to have you been part of IMBJJ family.

Check out below photos, videos. For full results click here.

bournemouth bjj 011

bournemouth bjj 01

bournemouth bjj 02

bournemouth bjj 08

bournemouth bjj 07

bournemouth bjj 09

more videos coming soon…

BJJ Academy Insider #13

New leader!

Our medal chasers has now an new leader! Darren Bushby has overtooken Emily Hoobs after his Gold at Chelmsford Open this weekend. Also after this weekend’s performance, Livio Dinaj has now entered his name on the list with his first two medals (2x bronze / weight + absolute division). Congrats to them, hard work pays off!

Chelmsford bjj open 2

Chelmsford bjj open 3

Chelmsford bjj open


Bournemouth BJJ Open / Special timetable 

To maximilize our time and get the most of everyone, our Tuesday & Thursday Advanced/Competition class will now be extended. If you want extra rolls, arrived earlier from 6pm before it’s class starts (technical / IBJJF rules starts from 7.30 as usual). See you on the mat! Oss

BJJ Academy Insider #12

One more week starts and we are counting the days for our next competition: Bournemouth Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Open on Saturday, June 14th. We are expecting to bring our full squad to enjoy this, which without shadow of doubt is one of the best competitions of the UK calendar. If you haven’t signed up yet, do it ASAP – it can be done online or ask to Coach Ivam for more info – as this tournament is likely to sellout before it’s deadline. As for our “Medal Chasers”, Emily Hoobs is still the leader, check below it’s full standings. See you on the mats. Oss!


Jiu-Jitsu in Brighton and Hove

Start training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu today!

bjj beginners

Learn the ‘Gentle Art’ straight from the source, from a Brazilian born Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt and MMA fighter, Ivam Maciel. He teaches complete beginners class at his BJJ Academy in Brighton, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 6pm. The class cost £10 and we can lend you a kit free of charge, so you don’t have to buy anything before you make your mind. The class is geared towards people that have never trained before. So if you want to give Jiu-Jitsu Brasileiro a try come down, you might like it*.

* If you try it once, expect to fall in love with it!

For more info give us a call 01273 411486


ivam maciel euros

ivam maciel euros 02



jiu jitsu brazilian mma ivam maciel bjj brighton 2 jiu jitsu brazilian mma ivam maciel bjj brighton 3 jiu jitsu brazilian mma ivam maciel bjj brighton 4 jiu jitsu brazilian mma ivam maciel bjj brighton 6 jiu jitsu brazilian mma ivam maciel bjj brighton

dorset and hants bjj 03

dorset and hants bjj 04


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Jiu Jitsu in Brighton and Hove

New generation coming up!
Last Sunday our team went to Gillingham to compete once again at TUFF Grappling Challenge. In this opportunity our squad was represented by most white-belts who were competing for the very first time. Despite that, our new generation got the job done, once again! With 5 Gold medals, 3 Silver and 2 Bronze our team scored 56 points which shows that all the hard work put on the training sessions are paying off. For the next tournaments hopefully we will be going with full squad including seniors and we hope to improve even more our team results. We are waiting for TUFF’s official result to come up as we do not know yet what position we have reached by teams. As soon those results are up, we will publish.

Medal Chasers
With two Gold medals won last Sunday, Emilly Hoobs has now reached the top of the table of our Medal Chasers Lisbon Competition. Congrats to her, and the game is still on! Come train!!

medal chasers

Tuff GC BJJ Individual Results

KIDS>>White>>37 to 41kg
1st Mikail Pereira – CSA
2nd Sean Carroll – Carlson Gracie
3rd Gabrys Szeremeta – Ivam Maciel BJJ

1st Sean White – Carlson Gracie
2nd James Davies – Ivam Maciel BJJ

1st Djidi Felix – Ivam Maciel BJJ
2nd Sean Barnfield – Masters Academy
3rd Mabast Hussein – Carlson Gracie

1st Joel Smithson – Fighting Fit Martial Arts
2nd Elias Nedir – Ivam Maciel BJJ
3rd Prashant Rana – Carlson Gracie

1st Ryan Roe-Barnett – Ivam Maciel BJJ
2nd Richard Stevens – NOVA FORCA
3rd Thomas Magnitis – Carlson Gracie

1st Issam Kurdi – Carlson Gracie
2nd Joe Watson – FTG
3rd Karl Martinsonson – Ivam Maciel BJJ

1st Karl Martinsonson – Ivam Maciel BJJ
2nd Channan Walters -Gracie Barra
3rd Prashant Rana – Carlson Gracie Team

1st Emily Hobbs – Ivam Maciel BJJ
2nd Stacey Allen – Farnborough BJJ

1st Emily Hobbs – Ivam Maciel BJJ
2nd Verity Driver – Ivam Maciel BJJ

1st Luke Lofters – 99
2nd Frazer Cook – CFS
3rd Dan Fitzgerald – Ivam Maciel BJJ

5 Gold + 3 Silver + 2 Bronze = 56 points

BJJ in Brighton and Hove

As happens every year, January has been very busy for us at BJJ Academy. We are glad to welcome new people to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, we truly believe that training BJJ goes beyond practising a martial art, it’s a new way of life and that’s what we offer at BJJ Academy: Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu lifestyle! If you are looking to start in BJJ here is our invitation, come and learn Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu straight from the source from a Brazilian born BJJ Black Belt and the rest of our crew.

A few of our new students gave us their feedback based on their recently experience joining our beginners program. Check it out below, it may encourage you to also start your Jiu-Jitsu journey soon!

bjj brighton

“I was looking for a BJJ gym to join having done a small amount at university but nothing in the past 8 years. Over those years I had kept myself generally fit through running and hitting the weights but I missed the sport and competitive aspect of some style of martial arts (I had tried a few in my younger teenage days).

I was slightly nervous turning up to Ivam’s place for the first time; worrying about what the group would be like, would I make friends, would everyone be amazing and me the annoying newbie, and a thousand other worries. All fears that were completely unfounded, from the first time I opened the door I was met with friendly smiles (even while they had a face full of armpit!), I was loaned a Gi for the day, and got one-on-one tuition from one of the higher belts for the entire session before trying my hand at sparring towards the end (in which I was truly outclassed but learnt lots) tough work but great fun.

I’ve been coming now for just over 3 months and I love it, the physical training aspect is keeping the beer gut at bay (an uphill struggle) and I’m getting stronger and more skilled with each session. Through the drilling aspect of the classes I now know what to do in common ground situations and feel confident when sparring with those in my class, even if I lose more then I win at the moment. On top of that I have started making great friends, who I meet up with outside of the gym. If you are even contemplating giving BJJ a try then I would say the Ivam Maciel Academy is the place to go”.

Jon Pass, 29 – Maths teacher and residential tutor in a boarding House


bjj in brighton vim genciana

“My name is Vim Genciana. I’m a senior Quality Assurance engineer in a high end loudspeaker manufacturing company based in the south of England. As a keen club tennis player and generally active person I’m always keen to do something to improve my fitness level.

With a little martial arts background in Japanese jiu-jitsu, judo, karate and inspired by growing popularity of UFC I decided to embark myself to a new journey, Brazilian Jiu-jitsu or BJJ. One evening, I was browsing the internet looking for a BJJ school near Brighton and came across with Ivam’s BJJ academy in Hove.  I got really excited and checked out the school soon after.

I introduced myself to Ivam who was welcoming and quickly explained to me what BJJ and his academy is all about. When I did my first class, I was impressed how helpful the students were and experienced a great sense of camaraderie amongst students as well. On top of that, Ivam’s method of teaching is technically adept. He was patient and very supportive especially when I asked him questions.

Three months on, I made new friends and learnt quite a few very useful combative skills.  Furthermore, I felt that my fitness level had improved and my self-confidence had grown significantly too!

Today, realising these intangible benefits motivates me to carry on practising BJJ. I feel really lucky and blessed that I have nearby academy to train and a great coach/friend who is supportive and guides me in this incredible journey. Oss!”.

Vim Genciana – Senior Quality Assurance Engineer


European BJJ Lisbon 2014

bjj brighton 02

ivam maciel euros

ivam maciel euros 02

For the first time, BJJ Academy Brighton members went to Lisbon, Portugal to compete at Europeans BJJ Open, and they didn’t disappoint. Our first ever Euros medal came with Tim ‘Cowboy’ Clemens at Blue Belt. Tim won three fights until reach its semi-finals where he lost on points. An awesome performance which shows once again that our team’s standards are still improving year after year, well tested, now in one of the toughest internationals competitions on the planet. Congratulations to Tim and also to the other three athletes (Ivam Maciel, JP Hamilton and Harry Dickinson) who even though did not get to the podium, represented BJJ Academy very well with great display of their abilities and hard work. This experience will definitely pay off in the future. Keep it up boys! Oss

BJJ training in Brighton

Start training in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu today and discover the champion inside of you! Looking for a new hobby? Want to get fit? New challenge? Or whatever your goals are, we will help you to get it and be a CHAMPION! Our team results in 2013 were awesome, and together our team will do it again. Be part of it, join us today!

If you are a beginner you are our priority. Here at BJJ Academy everyone helps everyone, that’s what makes BJJ Academy such a special place to be. Blue, purple, brown and black belt are always around the white belts in order to assist them for whatever they need to know in order to improve their game. No ego are tolerated, we definitely train hard, however courtesy and friendship cannot be forgotten.

Here is our invitation, be part of something, take Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu as your 2014 resolution, join our team, you won’t be disappointed! Classes for newbies are available (noon) at 12pm on Tuesday and Thursday and (evening) 6pm on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

For more information call us on 01273 411486

See you on the mat! Osss!

jujitsu in brighton sussex

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in Brighton

Let’s celebrate 2013!


medal chasers bjj

The year of 2013 is pretty much gone and we at BJJ Academy will always remember this as one of the best years we had so far. Our family got much bigger and as usual our students represented very well our team in big and small comps. Our team became mature and our performance in competitions shown that progress. We manage to bring some trophies back home (1st place at Dorset & Hants Open) and obviously plenty of medals!

Last Saturday (07th December) we took some time to get together and award those who made part of this great year… Some students got stripes, some finally reached new belt… but at the end of the day, the most important thing is to see how close we are from each-other and how the family spirit is always the priority for this club. We train together, we compete (even through BJJ is individual sport) together… and we celebrate TOGETHER!

Check below a few shots from our Winter Grading 2013. Have a great Xmas and awesome 2014! Oss!!











English Open 2013

english open bjj (1)

Once again BJJ Academy Team worked hard to be part of one of the greatest competitions in the UK calendar: English Open BJJ Championship. Another fantastic event, good for the competitors, good for the clubs and mainly foremost, awesome for the sport of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in the UK. Coach Ivam Maciel says: ‘I always tell my students how lucky they are to have events like English Open, Bournemouth and Dorset & Hants Open, to go to… I wish I had opportunities like this when I’ve started my jiu jitsu journey. You guys must enjoy it and feel privileged to have such a nice setup, venue, everything running in time, great atmosphere, etcetera… don’t take it for granted, get involved.. enjoy!’.

english open bjj (2)

Ivam Maciel BJJ Academy Competition Team represented! This year finished on the TOP 5, putting it’s name on the mix once again. BJJ Academy medalled in every belt they’ve competed (white, blue, purple and black) and also with the female squad! Three girls = three medals! It shows that BJJ Academy’s standards are not far from the big clubs from the capital and keeping the good work this will only get better!

english open bjj (3)



english open bjj (4)

It has been a couple of years since Coach Ivam last competed with Gi. Going up to this comp, Ivam had four weeks training camp, which was S&C with Christian Vila at Brighton Kettlebells plus BJJ in house with guests as London Open champ Tolly Plested. Ivam also made weekly trips to Bournemouth to train with Alex De Souza and Luiz Finnochio and to London rolling at Fight Factory with Manxinha Ribeiro. Hard work pays off, weight in before the fight 75.6kg and despite been out of competitions for a while, Ivam’s return left good impressions.

Semi-Final – Ivam Maciel faced Luc Lamude. Playing safe Ivam invested on his guard game until find a space for sweep or sub, and after lead by a sweep 2-0, three minutes before the end, Ivam manage to capitalise with a arm-twist sub from triangle position. Next Ivam would face Jack Magee who beat Luiz Finnochio at the other Semi by 6-2.

english open bjj (7)

english open bjj (5)

Final – The 2013 English Open Adult Black Belt Final had action from the beginning to it’s end. As both Ivam and Jack pretty much knowing each other’s game (as they trained together in the past). It started with both pulling guard, with Ivam deciding to get up and playing from top. The fight went like that for most of the time, with Ivam scoring two sweeps and two guard passing. After been down by 10-0 on points, Jack went for everything or nothing, tried a triangle and arm-bar from guard both well countered by Ivam, and at the last minute when everything looked like decided, Jack capitalise on Ivam’s technical mistake and pulled a tight triangle from full guard to win his first gold at Black Belt. After the bout Ivam say: ‘No excuses, I made a mistake which cost me the Gold medal. I will be back, congrats to the new champ’.


English Open Team Results 2013

1. Carlson Gracie Team
2. Gracie Barra
3. RGA
4. Nova Geração UK
5. Ivam Maciel BJJ

lineIndividual Results

Black Adult Male Under 82.3KG

First Jack Magee Gracie Barra

Second Ivam Maciel Ivam Maciel BJJ

Third Luc Lamude Lamude BJJ

Purple Senior Male Under 76Kg

First Simon Roberts Carlson Gracie Team

Second Michael Pring Vitor Shaolin Portsmouth

Third JP Hamilton Savory Ivam Maciel BJJ

Blue Adult Male Under 94.3KG

First Darren Bushby  Ivam Maciel BJJ

Second Marcus Kay RGA

Third Ewan Fairweather RGA

Blue Senior Male Under 94.3KG

First Daniel Carruthers Carlson Gracie Team

Second Sam Samagh Ivam Maciel BJJ

White Adult Female Under 69KG

First Hana Shokr Gracie Barra

Second Morena Brandao Grace Garcia

Third Amy Richold Ivam Maciel BJJ

White Adult Female Under 74KG

First Lacey Rogers Tigers Lair Submissions 101

Second Nikita Mayfield Ivam Maciel BJJ

White Adult Female Under 79KG

First Paula Ireland BKK Fighters

Second Emily Hobbs Ivam Maciel BJJ

White Adult Male Under 64KG

First Jack Greening The Combat Academy (Dave Coles)

Second Chris Maxwell Ivam Maciel BJJ

Third Sean Whyte Carlson Gracie Team

White Master Male Under 76KG

First Matteo Centurioni Gracie Garcia

Second James Forrest Ivam Maciel BJJ

Third Hicham Er Rafass Carlson Gracie Team


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