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Winter Grading 2014, let’s celebrate!

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What a day! First of all BJJ Academy would like to thank you all who attended to our annual grading event! In special to our guests Roger Payne & Alex De Souza who taught an amazing seminar sharing their skills with our students.

Check below who got promoted on their belt rank:

Purple Belt: Tim Cowboy, Simon Staples, & Julian Adjare;

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Blue Belt: Luke Kidson, Michael Barnett, Damien Walker, Breno Tedros, James Hill, Stuart Crosby, George Jackson, James Davies and Amy Richhold.

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This year we celebrated also an awesome number of medals won in competition, thanks to our ‘Medal Chasers’ our team got to 83 medals during the year, which brings back good memories and makes wonder how good 2015 can be! Let’s keep the hard work. Osss!

Learning BJJ Through Digital Content

Luckily for all martial arts, the recent upsurge in popularity, media exposure and brand recognition of organizations such as Metamoris and the UFC have helped propel mixed martial arts into the mainstream. This rise to prominence has also had a positive affect on the way in which we source content to learn about our respective martial arts.


We now have the luxury of accessing educational apps and content directly from our smartphones and gadgets. Helping us prepare for sessions before actually rolling on the mat or going through submissions, has never been more attainable and easier to prepare for.

What has driven the app market?

Wall Street Journal reported that in 2013 that app sales were up 62% from the previous year. This was driven by the increase in smartphone usage per gaming developers Gaming Realms, the company behind portal PocketFruity. Causing the app market to be worth a reputed $25 billion according to Gartner Inc.

What BJJ apps are recommended as educational tools for all levels of learning?

iBJJ is an interesting one to start off with as it has 82 Gi and No-Gi BJJ submissions, advancements, escapes and drills. All of the techniques are meticulously broken down into frames unlike in the majority of video tutorials.

The iBJJ app has been devised by instructor and 1st degree black belt Nate Ryan, who co-owns the Mass BJJ gym. He received his black belt from Gracie Barra Boston.


Secondly, there’s Roy Dean BJJ Academy which is a free app that helps the user learn the art of BJJ through a series of animated and video tutorials. It will walk the user through the basics of BJJ, angles and submissions.

All of the educational videos and instructions are courtesy of Roy Dean and his academy teachers. It’s a fun way to learn BJJ and Dean says it will “open your eyes to the art of Jiu-Jitsu.”

And finally, there’s iBudokan’s Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu app, which is available to download for free and has an extensive community of users. It’s ideal for all levels of learners, with 5 different grades; from beginner to competition standard techniques. The techniques are walked through by BJJ black belt Olivier Michailesco, who also holds a black belt in judo, too.

We only touching the surface with these three apps as more hit the app stores daily. So, we’d like to know which BJJ apps you use to source information on techniques? Leave your comments below.

BJJ training now only £59.95!

brazilian jujitsu brighton


Attending requests, we are glad to announce a special deal for those who would like to become member of the club, however have limited time to attend classes. Now only £59.95 for two classes per week! If you currently pay £10 per class (£20 per week) you would save over £20 straight-way! Also, you can cross training MMA classes at any time or even upgrade your membership for unlimited option if you wish. But hurry, we can only offer 5 memberships at this price.. BE FIRST!! For more info call 01273 411486 or visit our Dojo in Brighton at 90 Boundary Road – BN3 7GA. Osss!

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Brighton & Hove

Dorset & Hants BJJ Open

dorset & hants bjj open

Once again our squad got together and travelled to Bournemouth to compete in one of the best tournaments of BJJ in the calendar. The level of Jiu-Jitsu displayed was pretty good, with great fights from white to black belt. A great day in the office for our team which for the first time ever won Absolute divisions on white and blue belts! An awesome result achieved from Brett Farnworth at blue belt (also won Gold at his category) and at white belt from Rich Caplan (also won Bronze at his category); in total we went with 20 athletes and got back home with 19 medals (9 Gold!) and two trophies!! Job done and we are getting ready/looking forward for the next one.
Check photos, videos and also the “Medal Chasers” standing, which now has a new leader: Brett, thanks to his excellent performances during the last few tournaments.

dorset & hants bjj open2

brazilian jiu jitsu brighton


BJJ and MMA – Mixed Martial Arts

MMA classes are back at BJJ Academy

mma mixed martial arts brighton

Our winter timetable is back from Tuesday, October 07th. Good news for those waiting to try or continue their MMA training regularly. Those are two classes per week for all levels (Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6pm); also, if you fancy to compete in MMA, speak with Coach Ivam Maciel. There are a few MMA events with MMA Amateur fights available coming up. Are you ready?!


Coach Ivam Maciel, now 2nd Degree Black Belt



After three weeks of training in Brazil, last Saturday our head-coach – Ivam Maciel – got promoted to his second degree on his Black Belt by his mentor Eduardo Brigadeiro. This shows once again how privileged we are at BJJ Academy to learn straight from the source from a genuine Brazilian BJJ Black Belt. During this trip Ivam trained at his very first academy (where he originally started as white-belt); In Rio Ivam’s training was mainly at Brigadeiro’s and De La Riva’s HQ in Copacabana. Coach Ivam is back already, teaching regularly at HQ. Come train & learn!

bjj in brighton brazilian jiu jitsu

Surrey Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Open 2014

surrey bjj open 03

Last Sunday (6th) our team went for a battle in Guildford at 1st edition of Surrey BJJ Open. Once again, those who went represented very well. Result: more shining medals to bring back home! Highlight of the day was Elias Nedir and James Davies for winning their categories with awesome display of their game. Good performance also from Darren Bushby: one more medal for his collection. He continues to lead our ‘Medal Chasers’, by a fair margin against the second place. Check out the video and a few pictures of Surrey BJJ Open below. Thanks Andy Roberts and his team for having us, we will definitely be back next year. Oss!

surrey bjj open 01

surrey bjj open 02

surrey bjj open 04





Another (great) day at the office

bournemouth bjj 06

The formula has continue to work! Once again our squad went for battle in Bournemouth (one of the top competitions in Britain) and came back home with hands full of medals AND trophies. As for the team standings we finished in 2nd place just behind Checkmat.

Our day started with white-belts showing great understanding about the rules and primary following our strategy, which has been set during our competition classes. The hard work paid off, the name of the day was Antonio Costa who once again performed very well, however at this time done it with perfection: won his 5 bouts without given a single point away. Final result: Gold at lightweight division white belt, which was by far the largest category in the tournament with 23 people in. After this amazing performance Antonio had even more to celebrate, at the podium as well as his gold medal Antonio got promoted to Blue Belt by Coach Ivam Maciel. Hard work pays off, congrats Antonio!

As for Blue and Purple belts awesome performances from Higo Gomes (Gold at Blue Masters -70kg), Brett Farnworth (Gold at +100kg & Absolute Blue), Dave Rintoul (Gold at Blue Masters -88kg), Simon Staples (Gold at Blue Seniors -76kg), Darren ‘Drill #3’ Bushby (Gold at Purple Adult -88kg) and Paul Honnart (Gold at Purple Adult -64kg). Finally, BJJ Academy would like to thanks and congratulate every member of the team, win or lose we are all one, you gave everything on the mat and we are equally proud of you by putting yourself on the line by competing and representing. It’s an honour to have you been part of IMBJJ family.

Check out below photos, videos. For full results click here.

bournemouth bjj 011

bournemouth bjj 01

bournemouth bjj 02

bournemouth bjj 08

bournemouth bjj 07

bournemouth bjj 09

more videos coming soon…

BJJ Academy Insider #13

New leader!

Our medal chasers has now an new leader! Darren Bushby has overtooken Emily Hoobs after his Gold at Chelmsford Open this weekend. Also after this weekend’s performance, Livio Dinaj has now entered his name on the list with his first two medals (2x bronze / weight + absolute division). Congrats to them, hard work pays off!

Chelmsford bjj open 2

Chelmsford bjj open 3

Chelmsford bjj open


Bournemouth BJJ Open / Special timetable 

To maximilize our time and get the most of everyone, our Tuesday & Thursday Advanced/Competition class will now be extended. If you want extra rolls, arrived earlier from 6pm before it’s class starts (technical / IBJJF rules starts from 7.30 as usual). See you on the mat! Oss

BJJ Academy Insider #12

One more week starts and we are counting the days for our next competition: Bournemouth Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Open on Saturday, June 14th. We are expecting to bring our full squad to enjoy this, which without shadow of doubt is one of the best competitions of the UK calendar. If you haven’t signed up yet, do it ASAP – it can be done online or ask to Coach Ivam for more info – as this tournament is likely to sellout before it’s deadline. As for our “Medal Chasers”, Emily Hoobs is still the leader, check below it’s full standings. See you on the mats. Oss!


Jiu-Jitsu in Brighton and Hove

Start training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu today!

bjj beginners

Learn the ‘Gentle Art’ straight from the source, from a Brazilian born Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt and MMA fighter, Ivam Maciel. He teaches complete beginners class at his BJJ Academy in Brighton, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 6pm. The class cost £10 and we can lend you a kit free of charge, so you don’t have to buy anything before you make your mind. The class is geared towards people that have never trained before. So if you want to give Jiu-Jitsu Brasileiro a try come down, you might like it*.

* If you try it once, expect to fall in love with it!

For more info give us a call 01273 411486


ivam maciel euros

ivam maciel euros 02



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